Samstag, 24.2.2018 / 10-11:30 Uhr
mit Kate Cardamis

Come and fly with me..
Aerial Yoga gives you the opportunity to work with an "assistant" who is constantly moving ( works in your CORE )
and you will discover and join the antigravity.
We will work beside our core muscles, on backbends and inversions - such as headstand, shoulderstand and handstand..
we will fly and play a little bit and stretch out our spine in a healthy way..
This class is for everybody who has already practised yoga :)

price: 25,-
for yoga inn members: 20,-
only 10 spaces.. 
registration for save space:



am 7.4. und 8.4.2018

mit Mina Petersson

We are very happy to invite you to this workshop that is really about opening up the heart so we can find the stillness within. We will work in ourselves through the intense practice of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, chanting and pranayama. Chanting into silence, and breathing our way to inner peace!

It is going to be a transformative weekend, where we will experience the benefits of the wonderful technique of Kundalini Yoga that gradually opens up spaces within, using powerful sets of exercises (kriyas) and postures to awaken the movement of the vital energy and through conscious breathing and the use of mantras we access our meditative mind.
The workshop is open to anyone wanting to work on themselves and deepen their connection between body, mind and soul. Appropriate for people new to the practice as well as intermediate and advanced yogis.
The techniques of Kundalini Yoga “The yoga of consciousness”, have been used for centuries to give us the ability to understand who we are and what we are capable of. A good thing about this practice is that it takes into account 
the demands of modern society - full of stimuli and information - allowing us to find balance, manage stress effectively, maximize our creativity and understand a little more where we want to focus our attention in life. 
We start our practice early in the morning with Kundalini Sadhana to rise up and shine with the sun! We welcome the new day, moving and stretching in order to relax, breathing to release, singing to vibrate, and meditating to flow with the highest consciousness.
Through intense practice we can overcome and release perceived limitations and explore our highest potential. Throughout the workshop we constantly turn our attention inwards with the intention of identifying and releasing any set programs or beliefs that can stand in the way of our happiness and harmony. 
Workshop Kundalini yoga: Chant and Breath your way to Inner Peace

06:30am-09:00 Sadhana, Kundalini Yoga Basic Spinal Energy Kriya and Chanting 
Breakfast Break
10:30-12:30pm Basics of Kundalini Yoga; Bhandas, Pranayamas, Mantras, Asanas and Kriyas
Lunch Break
14:30pm-16:30pm Chii-a Kriya; An introduction to the Yoga of Sound, Mantra Meditation

06:30am-09:00 Sadhana, Kriya for the Heart Chakra and Chanting Breakfast Break
10:30-12:30pm Kundalini Yoga for the Glands the Circulation and the Meditative Mind; Intense Practice
Lunch Break
14:30pm-16:00pm The Chakras and Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
16:00 Closing Circle and Sharing

About Mina Petersson I am a Kundalini yoga teacher, a mantra singer, a sungazer and organizer of “Sun Sun Love Yoga Solstice Festival”. I have travelled around the world and I find inspiration in every new encounter with people. Originally from Sweden but currently living in a small community outside Barcelona, I give classes of Kundalini yoga and mantra singing in Catalunya, and I'm part of the teacher team of the Kundalini yoga Teacher Training at Imagine Acadamy, teaching in Spain and Switzerland. I am also studying Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism and above all I am a life long student of life itself! At the age of twenty I traveled for the first time to India. I bumped into yoga and something woke up inside of me. An immense gratitude to life that made me reflect on how I could return something after having received so much. I continued traveling the world looking for answers and learning different ways of living. I had tried various styles of yoga, when one day I took my first class of Kundalini Yoga and I fell in love with this technique that is so powerful in helping us to connect with our essence. A few years later I did the teacher training with my dear teacher Hargobind, who taught me that when we change the way we breathe, our entire life changes ... And I have proven it to be true! The practice of pranayama has helped me to dive deeper into myself, find inner peace and bring Yoga to all parts of my life. When we start to feel that we share the same essence, we become more human, and freer. So we practice Yoga to be free! And I continue learning, every day I practice and sing mantras. For me it's a way of celebrating life. Teaching yoga and meditation, mantras and breathing techniques is an opportunity to share what I have learned, and I am very happy to be able to serve this way. My aim is to inspire! More than anything, I want to inspire you to live your life to the fullest! To celebrate life, to enjoy the blessing of being alive! I am looking forward to share this space with you! Love and Light Sat Nam

Price: Early Bird till 25.October :130,- Eur, after this date 160,- Eur
Your space is safe after paying.

Please transfer money:
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Betreff: WS KUNDALINI / Cologne

mit Mehdi Zidhane
6.Juni - 10.Juni 2018..

Mehdi Zidhane is a healer, poet, performer and eternal traveler inspired by all his destinations.
He was a salsa, contemporary and hip hop dancer before he dived into a personal quest opening his horizons to practices such as yoga, martial arts, circus, theatre, poetry, singing, intuitive healing touch, tantra and tarot.
His teaching and performing experience with AcroContact while traveling over the world, has given him a deep and solid understanding of the essence of our being and our existence in the Universe, in harmony with our innner and outside world.
His goal is to guide his students into an exploration towards unity and infinite passion.
Love & Peace

Concept AcroContact
Furthermore to the encounter of AcroYoga, a discipline which mixes ancestral arts of Yoga – looking for the connection with the inner one, soft Acrobatics to challenge laws of gravity in community, and Thai Massage to take care of the body and calm the spirit, Mehdi is deepening the investigation by integrating new disciplines (contact ball, juggling, circus, tarot, personal development, reiki…).
He has since then initiated the movement of AcroContact to explore bridges between confluences/ inertia/, the science of movement, of Life, in search of Union between the genders and of mutual benefits in the fusion of the styles, what allows to throw(launch) new proposals of expressions such as AcroSalsa, AcroCapoeira, AcroWingchun, AcroPermaculture...

Solar session: 9Am-12Am
- Vinyasa Flow: 3 Elements — strength, flexibility and flow - Partner Yoga: Connection, listening and growth
- The Art of Spotting: How to help others find balance
- Going Upside Down: Find your balance in space
- Solar Explosion: Standing poses, pops and spins

Lunar session: 1Pm-4Pm
- Lunar Vinyasa Flow: Balance, self-healing and harmony - Healing Touch: Finding healing in touch
- Partner Yoga: Connecting and listening
- Therapeutic flow and - transitions
- Thai Massage

Contact us for any questions. We look forward to practicing with you!:)

Kosten: 160,-  / Schüler u. Studenten: Stud.- Tarif anfragen!
Anmeldung: oder bei Mehdi unter:
Level: open level, Du solltest aber schon Yogaerfahrung haben
Workshop will be guided in English.